Elect Hesham
Innovation for Guelph

For Guelph City Council Ward 5


Elect Hesham Genidy for Ward 5

I have always been a busy person, whether that be fulfilling my goal of becoming a law professor, working with the United Nations, or running multiple businesses. These different stages of life gave me the opportunity to work in numerous countries which equipped me with different perspectives. I set my sights on Guelph as a city where I felt I could belong, both because I share the city’s values and because it fits my vision for my family’s future. I moved to Guelph in 2013 and I plan to live here for a long time. I feel compelled to serve my community and put my vision and experience in civic duties to use. The common thread between all my passions is that they are for the betterment of people. I believe that I can bring a refreshing comparative aspect to what might otherwise seem standard or basic. I see that Guelph has the potential to become an even more wonderful city than it currently is.

I am confident that my seat on the council will make Guelph a better city to live in. This is why I will be honored to represent Ward 5 in the Guelph city council.

Hesham Genidy

Hesham G.