My Vision

By creating partnerships between the city, private sector, and UoG, we can have a better understanding and a permanent solution to the housing affordability crisis. Once it is under control, so many other issues will consequently have solutions.

I plan to reduce taxes or at least keep them at the current rate by maximizing and innovating city revenues and resources.

I have different approaches to public transportation using artificial intelligence to efficiently unlock the value of data to improve the quality and efficiency of the public transport sector.

The previous council made a great decision by endorsing the Net Zero by 2050 initiative. My tiny houses initiative, smart city initiative, and expanding the usage of Internet of Things (IoT) is how I intend to reach the Net Zero goal.

I will make mental health services readily available. Stable housing is a building block in the metal health of any human being, and can put an end to connected issues such as addiction. We need to implement local strategies to help the vulnerable, such as fund housing initiatives, short-term housing, and upgraded homeless shelters. We must aslo lobby with other governmental levels to expand mental health care options.

Short-Term Plan:

Temporary mobile housing for the homeless and partnering with municipal, provincial, and federal government levels, along with partnerships with the private sector and non-profit organizations.

Long Term Plan:

Tiny Houses Initiative

Smart city technology can be used to solve public problems, improve the city's operational efficiency, and achieve a higher quality of life for the citizens of Guelph.