Elect Hesham
Innovation for Guelph

For Guelph City Council Ward 5


Why I am running

I have a unique international experience living in many countries, and working for different government and international agencies including the United Nations. I set my sights on Guelph as a city where I felt I could belong, both because I share the city’s values and because it fits my vision for my family’s future. I moved to Guelph in 2013 and started a company that provides financial and business consultation, which now owns different local businesses. With the future of the younger generation in mind, one of these businesses is a unique mental math program. My wife serves the fast-growing community of Guelph by providing interpretation to the Canadian Immigrant Services and the County of Wellington, and my children attend schools in Guelph. I plan to live here for a long time, so I feel compelled to serve my community and put my vision and experience in civic duties to use. I believe that I can bring a refreshing comparative aspect to what might otherwise seem standard or basic. I see that Guelph has the potential to become an even more wonderful city than it currently is.

Hesham G.