Why vote for me

I believe Guelph needs fresh faces on the city council with new innovative and diverse ideas. I appreciate all the candidates; however, I am bringing mainly two new valuable things to the table: Innovation and Diversity.

I have specific ideas and initiatives that I would like to implement in Guelph. These ideas are based on my own research as a business advisor and are based on technology that already exists, but has not yet been implemented in any Canadian city before. Especially not in the public sector.

These initiatives strive to reach short and long-term goals and impact the quality of life for all Guelphites and in the long-term, will help not only save money for the city budget but also generate more money for the city. Combining Smart City technology and Blockchain technology will help us solve many issues within the city. For example, public transit, traffic contingency, public parking, and will help us achieve the net zero by 2050 goal.

The uniqueness of this idea is that it will offer solutions to many things, but more importantly, it will do so without costing the city a large investment, and without causing inconvenience to the residents. In the long term, this infrastructure will generate more revenue for the city. My tiny houses initiative will help control the housing market and make for more readily available, affordable houses.

We are in a challenging time and are facing many issues globally, and in order to offer better services, we need to ensure that the city has more money and will continue to generate it. I have received complaints from Guelph Residents, and I believe that all of them are related to the lack of money our city has.

On top of my ideas for these initiatives, I believe that my unique diverse background, living and working in many countries before I moved to Ward 5 in Guelph almost 10 years ago and my innovative nature make me able to provide a refreshing comparative aspect to what might otherwise seem standard or basic.

As a business advisor, I am a client oriented-person, and I promise to treat all of Ward 5 as my clients. I am working now on a mobile app to facilitate communication and keep all residents up to date with the council’s activities, which will allow me to seek the residents’ opinions before casting my vote, and also explain to you why exactly I voted the way I did.

First and foremost, I am encouraging everyone to go vote, because based on my experience with the United Nations, the start of any failed country was due to their citizens forfeiting their own right to vote, in one way or another.

Even better if that vote is for me :)